Α very short tribute based on his productions & discography over the latest years. This is the least thing we can do based on the love for the best hip hop producer ever.


His work is so big so we tried to put the most important works from youtube videos from 2008 until today. We also always recommend to purchase the music in order to support the underground hip hop movement and the best way is vinyl. One of the sites is where there is a huge variety of the artists.


1. DJ PREMIER - RARE PLAY VOL.1 (2008). In this album he chose some of his beats and he released in a form of a mixtape 2. DJ PREMIER participates in ILL BILL's album "THE HOUR OF REPRISAL" in the track Society is Brainwashed 3.BLAQ POET - THA BLAQPRINT (2009). Having produced the biggest part of the album, one of the videos that came out was the Aint Nothing changed 4.DJ PREMIER - RARE PLAY VOL.2 (2009). At the same year he released another mixtape by having his beats on it with artists he cooperated in the previous years. Guru is of course in both tapes 5.SOULKAST - PREMIER SALVE. The French hip hop artist SOULKAST chose Primo's beat for his album DANS LES BACS for one of his video's 6.2011 was a really productive year based on videos 7.2012 was a year that DJ PREMIER & BUMPY KNUCKLES (FREDDIE FOXXX) released their album The Kolexxxion. The next 2 videos are from that album 8. At the same year the banger MIND YOUR BUSSINESS collabo with LA COKA NOSTRA came out as a video 9. Also at 2012 VINNIE PAZ releases his 2nd solo album "GOD OF THE SERENGETI" and he chose to make his first video over a PRIMO beat in the ORACLE track. 10. During 2013 he participated in many albums and below are some of the videos We hope for a productive 2014 and RIP GURU, GANG STARR FOR LIFE (25/01/2014)

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