Snowgoons are coming back with the sequel Black Snow 2. Having released more than 5 albums the last 5 years, most of their fans consist of the Black Snow as one of their most successful LP’S.


Based in Germany and in Denmark, Snowgoons who are DJ ILLEGAL, DET GUNNER, SICKNATURE  &  J.S. KUSTE,  join forces with LA COKA NOSTRA, JEDI MIND TRICKS, ARMY OF THE PHARAOS, OUTERSPACE, EDO G, KOOL G RAP,SWOLLEN MEMBERS, Q-UNIQUE, ONYX, PLANET ASIA, REAKWON, PAPOOSE, DILATED PEOPLES,  REKS, STYLES P, CUNNINLYNGUISTS among many and finally there is VIRO THE VIRUS (RIP) who also participates by closing the album.

Snowgoons with this release they just want to keep the UNDERGROUND HIP HOP ALIVE and also to prove that a descent sequel can be followed after their first successful release.

Because we always recommend the Vinyl as the best option to purchase music you can hear in the following link samples from the tracks and also the same if you want to purchase it. CD format is available from 28th January 2014 and the Vinyl format will be available on 18th February 2014.

Below are some tracks from the album




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