Dj BEDMAN presents: Tales From The Ground Under mixtape - July 2010

DJ Bedman - Tales from the Ground Under Cover


On July 2010, Dj Bedman presents his first musically complete music project. It is released in a form of a mixtape / collection which can be downloaded for free from the sites of Ihokratoria & Bouriblog


The tape is full of Tales that have been written and performed by Gelws which has exluded a lot of tracks from his Metaksy Ouranou Kai Gis album (which will be shortly released), Esterina by singing in Greek & English language in the tracks that she participates, one track with Eisvoleas & Gelws by reminding Skotini Plevra, Taki Tsan, Xino, Dopemonx, Fyroi, Esc Key which consist of the Greek participants, Sick Side Army team by having Brown Bonez from Canada in several tracks and from US Thief Sicario (Realizm Records), Madman, Damian Grey, Addic & Truth.

The artwork was arranged by Higherself of Dopemonx




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