Dj Bedman presents : Tales From The Tapes (2013) Will be available on Friday 29th November

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The 3rd in a row mixtape / collection of Dj Bedman is a fact a little while before the end of 2013 and will be given for free and exclusively from For once more Dj Bedman has produced the music for 21 tracks which are being developed in stories which are generated through life from the artists that are rendered.  With participations from Gelws, Skotini Pleura, Esterina, Taki Tsan, Monimos Katoikos & Dj Micro, Dopemonx, Fyroi Feat. Christian Marques and UniVocal from Greece, Brown Bonez & Fatality from Canada and from U.S. Madman & Addic. 

 The Tales are interpreted in Greek & English language by having a representative from Canada by doing it in Spanish as well. They differ by explaining how important is the awaking from the lethargy that we are after all these issues that we are facing these years and the only thing that we care is to drink coffee, the bailout of the governments to serve their own interests and not the ones of their people, also the tales are pointing out the worsening of the neighborhoods, also that although the difficulties we should not sellout from our beliefs and on the contrary there are also positive messages like love, to live each moment in our lives, to keep only the good times but also not to overdoing it by always having limits in all issues and that not to abuse whatever we drink, take or smoke. With plain words balance is important to stand against in all issues that we do not agree but also without having to be driver over to limits about these beliefs.

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This cd from the 21 tracks, there is a presentation of 15 new with the rest being remixes & mashups from the first mixtape of Dj Bedman (Tales From The Ground Under) as well as “O Agnostos Gnostos Kai O Zontanos Nekros” from Metaxy Ouranou Kai Gis album of Gelos. In another 3, Bedman being inspired by the original version of the tracks, in order to tie up the Yesterday with Today, he tied up  the original performers  with the new ones in mashups in the cases of Dire Straits & Gelws, Rod Stewart & Dopemonx and finally Pashalis & Esterina.


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