Spike69 - 'Ξα μας! COMING SOON...


music production, mixed and mastered by Κριτής for State of Odrysis.

Featurings: Shabaam Sahdeeq on track 8: ''The voice of the pepole'', Γέλως on track 11: ''Ενέργεια'', Βαγγέλης on track 13: ''Θέε μου μεγαλοδύναμε''

music production for track 8: '''The Voice of the people'' by NOAone.

live instruments by: Βαγγέλης & το παρεάκι από την Αίγινα on track 13: ''Θέε μου μεγαλοδύναμε''.scratches by: Dj Twelve on track 11: ''Ενέργεια'''.

Cover artwork by: Wild Drawing.
Digital design by: Nique


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