MADMAN BEHEMOTH – DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR (2017) (dj bedman participates in 1 production)


Τhe underground superhero from Chicago returns for his 3rd album. His last project Dark Side Of The Sun released on 2016, was a collaboration with ADDIC and it was another dark underground project.

This time MADMAN as he is getting stronger and more experienced is "travelling" the audience with his fruitful lyrics and the album as an outcome is a decent result of raw rap. The album has feats from other underground rappers starting from KRAZY RACE, a true oldskool west coast representative known from REALIZM RECORDS, PSYCHO REALM etc. ADDIC is also participating in the album along with MetaMo of Rubberoom, Juan Zarate and Daniel Robins.

As far as the production and beats, music input has come from Shami Noir, Panama, Madman, Dj Bedman while additional production for Guitar & Piano by Daniel Robins.

You can hear, buy, download the album from here:

As far as the closing track of the album where Dj bedman has contributed, MADMAN was inspired by an old track that Dj Bedman produced in his TALES FROM THE TAPES album, Mind Elevation, written by Addic & Brown Bonez.

 Enjoy Father’s day track from here…






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