MADMAN - DOG STRAP SOLDIER - 2013 (Dj Bedman feat. with 2 beats)


DOG Strap Soldier is the debut album of founding member of the Northernlightz camp [Madman, Shami Noir, Panama] from the Northside of Chicago, in collaboration with local, national and international MC's and producers, including many of his Sick Side Army associates, [DJ Bedman, Brown Bonez, Erbin All Angles, Addic].


The album is a Hip Hop exhaust pipe, with punishing beats, and raw aggressive lyrical relentlessness. It is a marriage of scholarly intellect and animal rage, and expression of primal energy formed in the sometimes harsh climate of the Windy City, and battling corrupt systems as the son of a Cuban refugee, and grandson of a betrayed Cuban rebel. It is the voice of man "strapped" to his beliefs, convictions, and family mission, as the Lakota "Dog Strap Soldiers" would strap themselves to a stake in the ground amidst battle, to attain victory or die in that spot.



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