M.O.P. & ONYX – Produced by SNOWGOONS (Kickstarter)


While a part of the world is in a complete chaos Underground Hip Hop is moving on a different path. The legendary M.O.P. & ONYX are about to hit with a record together produced by the SNOWGOONS.

The SNOWGOONS have proved with almost a decade that they are considered as one of the best Hip Hop Producing team on the globe. In addition for MOP & ONYX, the only thing that can be said is that they seem to get better as years are passing.


Both legendary groups have also collaborated in the recent past with the Snowgoons, 2011 was the Sparta album with MOP and it was considered as a time bomb with very nice beats and lyricist skills.

During 2014 the WakeDaFucup LP was dropped with ONYX where again it kept us banging our heads with each track.

This time, the collaboration among all 3, are considering a lot of challenges where in order the album to be under a production stage, it is asked by the true Hip Hop fans to support this idea. Funding some of the expenses of the album where for additional support you may check the below link. What it can be said in these lines is that LP is scheduled to be dropped around May 2016 from Goon music & Major Independent.




Dj Bedman 27/11/2015





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